“Insme” Scam or Legit? (Find Out)

I know you might have come across a platform called Insme or InsmeApp, maybe through a friend or family member, and you want to know if truly it's legit or a scam, let's find out in the next 1 minute.

What is Insme?

As they said, Insme is an affiliate marketing platform.

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where a marketer is being paid for referring people to buy a product or service.

For Insme, your function is mainly to carry out a promotion task daily on social media.

Insme gets these promotions maily from celebrities and upcoming celebrities and you will be required to do a particular thing on the person's social media page. You will submit proof of the task, after which you will be credited for it.

How does InsmeApp work?

Like I said earlier, you're paid for carrying out specific missions on social media. Before you can be eligible to partake in any of the missions, you have to subscribe to a package. The package you subscribe to is what determines how much you will be paid and the number of missions you will undertake on daily basis…

Payment is made directly into your bank account withing 48 hours after you requested for it.

Sounds cool right…? okay… let's go on…

Can InsmeApp Crash?

In as much as we say it's an affiliate marketing platform because people undertake tasks before they're being paid, hence it's not free money…

Okay… let's see…

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The question now is this, why do they have to collect money from people before they can participate, and each package lasts for 60 days?

In signing up for affiliate programs, one doesn't necessarily have to pay, though some affiliate programs like expertnaire collect a little amount of money for registration. In cases where an affiliate marketing platform collects money from you, it's not done on packages and the money has nothing to do with how much you're being paid.

In InsmeApp, the amount you receive per task is dependent on the package you purchased.

InsmeApp might be real, but the model is not sustainable so it's not advisable to join.

It might pay people who joined the platform at the beginning but as time goes on, it will become less profitable you might lose your money.

Who are the owners of Insme?

As at the time of writing this post, no one know who and who are exactly the owners of Insme. Some claim the founders are in Nigieria, others said China, but the truth is we don't know who they are.

How much can you make from InsmeApp?

First Package:

Registration fee: N1,680

Daily task: 3

Pay per task: N28

Validity: 60 days

Hence profit is: N(28*3*60) – N1680 = N5,040 – N1,680 = N3,360

Hope that's not a big maths, but as you can see, in the first package, you make a profit of N3,360 in 60 days.

Second Package

Subscription fee: N6,888

Daily task: 5

Pay per task: N69

Validity: 60 days

Hence your profit after 60days is N13,812

Third Package

Subscription fee: N62,888

Daily task: 25

Pay per task: N125

Validity: 60 days

Hence your profit after 60days is N124,612

Fourth Package

Subscription fee: N148,888

Daily task: 38

Pay per task: N195

Validity: 60 days

Hence your profit after 60days is N295,712

And that continues till the ninth package.


InsmeApp can be legit and can also be a scam. Don't put your money into something you can't really explain. If you want to join, don't join with an amount you can't afford to lose. Wisdom is profitable to direct.