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Discover How to Perfectly and Naturally Increase The Size and Shape of Your Breast and Hip in 14 days. 

Get That Your Desired Shape Today and Look Very Attractive Like a 19-year old Super-Model Without Expensive Surgeries.


From: The World Leading Producer of Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals, Lanthome, Asia.



My Name Emine Jenson

Since 2008, when I graduated from the Boston University School of Medicine, I’ve helped several ladies get their desired hips and breast through natural means and less work-out stress.

I've worked with several body building firms and I've helped over 10 thousand ladies who desired to have the shape of a super-model to change from "shapeless" looking creatures to well-shaped and endowed feminine gender.

The product I'm presenting to you is a product of aged-long research done in two laboratories in Europe and Asia and it has given birth to Lanthome Butt and Breast Enlargement Cream.

This product has been clinically tested by over 26 experts across Europe and Asia.

It has been used and proven to be over 96% effective by over 68-thousand ladies like you across Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

This product remains our biggest research project with the widest acceptance all over the globe, after over 6 years of critical and clinical studies. 

My sister, if you desire to increase and enhance the size and shape of your hip and breast thereby making you super-attractive, then this product is the best option for you.

Lanthome Hip and Breast Enlargement cream is guaranteed to increase the size of your breast and hip effectively by over 70% in as little as 30 days.

Believe me, I know what it's like to feel unattractive to men out there who want to see a lady being endowned with all it takes to be a woman.

I want you to be part of 50 thousand ladies across the globe who has regained their self-confidence and look very attractive just like that super-model you've always admired.


Lanthome Hip and Breast Enlargement Cream is a widely accepted body enhancement product trusted by over 60 thousand ladies across the globe.

Made with the best natural herbs in one of the biggest herbal laboratories in Asia, Lanthome has been proven to be very effective on 96% percent of the ladies that have used it with all reporting a significant increase in the size of boobs and butt.

Lanthome Hip and Breast Firming and Enlargement Cream are carefully Designed for the cutting edge and dynamic ladies. It's very effective and has proven to be the best out of 254 creams tested in Asia in 2019.

This product centers around the battle against sagging boobs, small boobs, and small hips and improves the immovability and state of your breast and hip to help your trust in any outfit. 

You're to Apply it on the Breast and Hip and rub delicately. 

Not suggested for breastfeeding moms, pregnant ladies, and young ladies younger than 18.

You're Sure of The Following:

  • Natural and safe.
  • Results keep going long.
  • Manufactured in a GMP-affirmed office.
  • No harmful results/side effects.
  • Increase up to two cup sizes in not more than weeks

Lanthome Breast and Hip Enlargement Cream contains normal spices and colorful plant extricates that advance breast and hip development.



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Ada James, Lagos, Nigeria

I used one bottle of product for 28 days and I'm very glad with what I experienced. My butt increased and my breast became heavier than before.

I look more attractive now than before. this is the only product I've used that really worked and I want to recommend it to other babes out there who wish to become sexier and look more attractive to their man.

I love this product

172 Likes | 83 Comments | 28 Shares  08.01.2022 - 4:10 a.m.

Aminifu Gatimu. Nakuru Kenya

I don't joke with my breast  and butt and that's why I bouth this product, Lanthome Hip and Breast Enlargement Cream. I made my breast to stand healthier and my butt is more sexy now... my bf like me more now than before

12 Likes | 3 Comments | 28 Shares  02.09.2021 - 4:19 p.m.

Grace Afolabi, Port Hacourt, Nigeria

I've used the cream for one 14 days now. I don't really like the way I look before. I remember coming online to search for Butt and Breast enhancement cream on Google and that made me to stumble upon this product. I placed order for it and it was delivered to me in my house in Port Hacourt. I followed the instructions carefully and today, I'm very proud of my look. 

22 Likes | 14 Comments | 3 Shares  30.10.2020 - 07:27 p.m.

Danso E.  Tamale, Ghana

I gained an extra addition to my breast and butt after 28 days of using this product. Initaially I was afraid of buying it due to my previous experiences with online scammers, but after 14 days of using this product, I noticed my breast became firmer, and my hip became bigger.

I love myself more than I used to before... I want to specially thank Lanthome for this awesome product

2 Likes | 1 Comments | 8 Shares  23.10.2021 - 8:22 p.m.

Ene James. Markurdi, Nigeria

I so much love this product. You need to see my waist now 😆... I bought simply for my waist and that's where I apply it every morning and evening. I love how I look now and there's no way I will pass you and you won't look back 😆...

I never knew I can achieve this kind of massive result without performing any surgery... All thanks to Lanthome Hip and Breast Cream. You guys are wonderful 😇. 

25 Likes | 34 Comments | 5 Shares  07.09.2020 - 08:26 a.m.

Emerald Johnson. Los Angeles USA

I started having sagged boobs after I had my first child for my ex boyfriend. I hated how my breast looked then. One day I was in a conference and I met Emine Jenson, there she told me she can help me revitalise my breast without performing a surgery. She gave me this product,  Lanthome Hip and Breast cream and I started rubbing it on my breast. 

Today, I can comfortable go braless and I love my breast how it is now... I've bought an extra 2 for my 3 friends who needed it as well.

42 Likes | 34 Comments | 31 Shares  30.10.2020 - 07:27 p.m.

Fisayo Isaac. Lagos, Nigeria.

​Though I have big waist and boobs naturally, I needed something to enhance them and make them look firm, up and attractive. I've used several other products but I must say that this is the best I've ever used.

My breast is now firm and my butt is very cool... I highly recommend it to other ladies.

2 Likes | 4 Comments | 3 Shares  23.08.2021 - 08:20 a.m.

... With Lanthome Breast and Hip Enlargement Cream, You're Super-Sexy ...





Lanthome Breast and Hip Enhancement creams are used externally.

After application, the body absorbs the cream and it gets into the body cells where it performs the function of enlargement and enhancement of the hip and breast.

Effects begin to show from the 7th day of usage... while pronounceable effects show after 14 days of usage.

It enlarges small breasts, revitalizes sagged breasts, and increases small butts.


PRICE TODAY 10th August 2022 : N12,000



I have an ebook to send to your WhatsApp,


This ebook is worth N8,000 but I will send it to you for FREE, today, 10th August 2022, on your WhatsApp.

This Digital E-book Will Teach You The Following:

  • How to take care of your breast.
  • Top 5 Foods that improves the health, shape and fitness of your breast.
  • Best exercises that will keep your breast and hip in shape like that of an 18 year old model even if you're above 50 years.
  • 5 Ways to take care of your body after pregnancy in order to maintain your sexy shape


  • Best proven strategy to tighten your vagina and increase your sexual pleasure.

Note:- The bonus package is only available to those who will place an only today 10th August 2022

Those who order today 10th August 2022 will get it for N12,000 and FREE ebook sent to your WhatsApp.


 We have also provided PAY ON DELIVERY service for our customers in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.

You can pay with cash, transfer or POS.

You Can Now Place Your Order!

0 day 0 hour 7 minutes 38 seconds

Simply enter your delivery details below. We will contact you in the less 48hrs and the product will be yours and your Bonus Package Will Be Sent on Your WhatsApp.

I can't wait to share your testimony.

⚠️Please DO NOT place order if you're NOT YET READY to receive the product... 

*Pay On Delivery Available In Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa

*Call / Whatsapp For FREE Consultation and Customer support please call: +2349074591105.

*You can also chat with our international consultant on +1(208)2289576 (WhatsApp Only)

PLEASE NOTE: Lidoria Goodman Massage Oil 14-21 Days 100%  Guarantee of efficacy we are here for you: If you are unhappy for any reason on Lanthome Breast and Hip Cream, Just place a call/whatsapp any of our helpline above, you'll be given an immediate attension and guidelines.

African Head Office Adresses:
Nigeria: 14 Uncle Sam-otache street, Karu, Nasarawa State


Question 1: Can this cream be effective for a woman above 50 years of age? How long will it take to get to my state, if i order now?.


Answer: As I've told you – and I'm very proud to repeat this - This cream is super effective. I works for women of all ages. If you're above 55 years, your result will not be so quick like that of a 35 year old woman. Women above 55 starts seeing result form the 21st day of usage.

Question 2: Is it truly possible to increase my breast and buttock without surgery?

Short answer: YES.

Lanthome Hip and Breast enlargement cream is revolutionary and it has been clinically proven to increase the size of your breast and buttock by a simple cell growth activity on the body.

Question 3: Is the result permanent?

Yes... The result is 100% permanent.


Question 4: What are the Side Effects?

Lanthome Hip and Breast cream is made of 100% natural herbs. This is a product that follows the natural principle completely as it is. Hence, there's no side effects on the usage.

The increase is moderate, the performance is impressive and the result is permanent.


Question 5: Who is Lanthome Hip and Breast Enlargement Cream Meant for?

Answer: This product is for any lady who wishes to increase the sixe of her breast and/or buttock.!

Also, if you're experiencing a sagged boobs as result of regular "activity" on your breast, or maybe you want your boobs and breast to look very attractive, sexy and succulent, then this product is for you.


  • Collagen
  • Carthamus Tinctorius
  • Laurel Extract
  • Pueraria Lobata

*Pay On Delivery Available In Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa

*Call / Whatsapp For FREE Consultation and Customer support please call: +2349074591105.

*You can also chat with our international consultant on +1(208)2289576 (WhatsApp Only)

PLEASE NOTE: Lidoria Goodman Massage Oil 14-21 Days 100%  Guarantee of efficacy we are here for you: If you are unhappy for any reason on Lanthome Breast and Hip Cream, Just place a call/whatsapp any of our helpline above, you'll be given an immediate attension and guidelines.

African Head Office Adresses:

Nigeria: 14 Uncle Sam-otache street, Karu, Nasarawa State

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